Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye, Soldier Boy – Planet Bods Blog on hiatus

Published on 18 February 2013 in

No Gas sign

Depending on how you read blogs, you may recognise one of the two following scenarios:

1. You know when you read an interesting blog, and it’s good and you keep coming back to it. But over time you realise that there’s just not as many posts as there used to be. And so you visit it less. And less. And then one day you realise you haven’t visited for months. Or more realistically, have forgotten all about it?


2. You know when you read blogs through an RSS reader like Google Reader or Bloglines, and you scroll through your list of subscribed blogs and suddenly realise it’s been three years since a blog you follow has actually posted anything. And you wonder what happened to it? And then you forget all about it?

Chances are if you do 1, you may not be reading this post. But for those that are, and for those that fit in category 2, hello. Welcome back. It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Ah, yes, that’s the problem.

For a whole host of reasons I haven’t had the time to put in to this blog

anywhere near what I’d like to. So, after ten and a half years of blogging, I’ve decided to put the blog on indefinite hiatus. And I didn’t want to go without saying something.

The archives will remain online; the site isn’t going to go anywhere.

There will just simply be no updates for the foreseeable future. You’ll still find me elsewhere, primarily over on Twitter and at Rambling Man.

I may change my mind. That’s why it’s an indefinite hiatus. But, of course, I may not. That’s why it’s au revoir, but not good bye. Just don’t ask me where the soldier boy comes in to it.