So I hear you’re a blogger now, Father Ted

Published on 27 March 2019 in

The month is February. The year, 2013. The place is a website. A blog in fact. My blog.

A blog that went into indefinite hiatus. Due to time. Nothing to say. All that.

I decided to call it a day. And because I hate when things just disappear from the internet, I said goodbye and left the archives online to sit and, well, do very little.

Skip forward six years, and I’m starting again.

Why? Well it turned out I did still have things to say. I was saying them on Twitter instead. Not just short things. Snatches of stuff. But pieces that were multiple paragraphs long.

And that doesn’t work on Twitter. Twitter sucks for anything long. Twitter threads are horrible to read and horrible to write. It’s horrible to find stuff again if you want it. In short, it’s horrible.

Now I’m not leaving Twitter (@andrewbowden if you don’t follow me.) But I’ve decided that anything that’s a bit too long will be posted here instead. A website is easier to edit for. Easier to read. Just downright better full stop.

And that’s why, after six years of indefinite hiatus, this blog is back. It’s on a new website for various reasons. And it’s currently looking a bit sparse and basic. Cos I can’t really be bothered to do too much with the design. But here it is.

I can’t say it will be updated massively frequently. Just when I have cause. It’s a space to empty my brain rather than an awesome destination.

What it is though is proof that not every indefinite hiatus ends up being permanent.


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