The endless rooms of stuff, boiler flues, and a mysterious phone call

Published on 24 April 2019 in , ,

Every now and then, I have a dream. Well not a dream. A version of a specific dream.

It involves us having moved into a large house at some point. And there’s loads of junk and stuff left from previous owners. There’s a room that needs sorting out. A room we never use because it’s full of stuff. One time it involved loads of bookcases full of (guess what!) books. The dream mostly consists of mundane stuff and expressing the view that we really did need to get the place cleared up.

It’s probably a stress-related dream although it doesn’t always happen when I feel particularly stressed.

Last night I had that dream again. My brain decided to throw a little variant. For there were two men who were inspecting a rather elderly boiler and trying to work out if it met modern safety standards. I remember specifically that they were concerned about the flue. Whilst they were inspecting it, I was clearing junk away from bathrooms and such like. Then they decided they needed to see the attic to see where the flue went or something. So I took them up to the attic where there were two huge rooms of stuff to sort out.

And whilst up there I spotted a staircase I’d never seen before. How we’d ended up with this giant house without noticing the attic had an extra staircase I will never know. But it did.

The stairs led downwards so down I went to a hidden part of the house. And there it was. A large, dark room. Full of things.

Well, one kind of thing.

Broken Christmas trees.

Lots and lots of Christmas trees.

Some where those ones with built in LEDs. They were plugged in and turned on.

A room of broken Christmas trees in a dark room.

About this point I woke up. So I never found out what the Christmas trees were doing. But when I did drift back to sleep, I was back in the house and Diane Morgan had just rang. She needed me to pick up some people from a nightclub. It would probably take two trips because there were lots of them.

This was rather annoying as I’d cooked my tea but not yet eaten it…