An RSS Feed for BodsCentral.

Published on 30 April 2003 in , ,

So here I am sat at the computer sipping a bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. It’s in a strange insulated sleeve that matches the bottle. It keeps the Guinness cool. I’ve never used it before, but Catherine got it free once so what the hell.

Catherine is out. I could do anything. Anything at all. Which is why I decided to build RSS feeds for this very site.

Why? Err. Pass. Someone might know how to use them, and then use them. That one person might want to let me know who they are. I’m interested.

Creating them was not as easy as it would normally be due to the insane way I build this site – a blogging system interacting with a HTML pre-processor. But some fiddling and here they are.

For the pleasure of anyone who cares – whoever they are – two feeds, featuring the last 15 entries. Rather over the top given that in many cases, that will feature a whole months worth of entries, but never mind. Here they are should you want them:

They’re also listed on the homepage.