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When you move house, you tell people where you’re moving to. Now why don’t websites do the same?

Published on 7 April 2008 in , , , , , ,

One of the wonders of having XML feeds is that you can keep up to date with what's going on quite nicely from one place instead of having to go through hundreds of different bookmarks, remembering what you've seen and what you've not. And it's something more and more sites are now realising that they should provide, and which will bring them traffic.

Brief Feed Apology

Published on 5 September 2005 in , ,

Quick apology for anyone on the full text feed - I managed to break it when I reinstalled by PC last week, and I've only just noticed. It should be fixed now and the person responsible flogged as punishment.

Feed Changes

Published on 1 June 2005 in , ,

Those of you using the Atom or RSS feed might have noticed that I'm now sending through 25 items - quite a sizable increase on the 8 I was sending through before.

RSS Feed Changes

Published on 17 May 2005 in , ,

For some time there's been a hidden RSS feed for this site - an RSS 0.91 feed of the blog headlines and summaries. And now there isn't. But the two people who used it, should not fear as you should be using a different feed instead. Automagically. Honest.