RSS Screw-up

Published on 1 May 2003 in , ,

Update: since this post was written, I’ve ceased to use RSS as a format and now use Atom instead. As such, links to specific feeds have now been removed.

Whoops! I ballsed that one up!

Not only was I using an old set of RSS templates which didn’t validate, but then for some reason, the web server wasn’t parsing them, so anyone viewing the feed saw all the Hitoplive code. Well it worked on my home server…

Most of the problem was because I use an offline version of Movable Type, which interacts with Hitoplive to make it all work. Hitop and MT are a bit at odds in reality – especially as Hitop works with relative links and MT uses absolute. To build a website is fine, but an RSS feed requires a lot of munging and bodging just to make it all work. There really must be a better way to do this…

Now why the web server wasn’t obeying the .htaccess file to make the two feeds parsable, that I don’t know. So I’m passing it directly through Hitoplive’s CGI file to make it all work.

Anyway, I’ve now fixed them now, and according to the RSS Validator both are valid RSS! Well I should hope so as I got the templates from their website.

As part of this, the RSS 0.91 feed has been replaced by an RSS 2.0 feed.

So if you’re still interested, here are those links again. I’ve updated the original article as well.

  • RSS 2.0 feed [LINK REMOVED]
  • RSS 1.0 feed [LINK REMOVED]

And if you really want, you can validate my RSS 1. and my RSS 2.0 [LINKS REMOVED] feeds.