Yes Freeserve. I will send my password to you. It’s such a sensible idea.

Published on 3 June 2003 in , , ,

I’ve been deliberating my next move in my attempts to get Freeserve’s webmail to actually work.

My deliberations were caused by this section in an email from their webmail support people:

"If you could confirm your password for the account, with your permission we will be able to test the account from here."

When you have a problem with something, it’s not unreasonable for people to want to test it. And I have no trouble with them testing my webmail from their end. (Call me funny but I bet they won’t even find anything wrong with it either.)

However let’s remember the advice that you’re always told – never reveal your password…

And reveal the password to my email? Well would you let others riffle through your post? Hmm.

As it happens I have decided to ditch Freeserve in the not too distant future (I’ve not been particularly happy with the state of their dial up service), and have other ways to read my email when not at home, but it’s always been the principle of the matter.

My response to Freeserve was blunt and clear. I ain’t happy with the idea of sending you my password. What I didn’t add was that I’m surprised that they even asked.