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It just worked straight away – using a 3G dongle on Linux at Beebcamp

Published on 28 November 2009 in , , , , , ,

I've never had any experience with 3G dongles, and I must confess I approached plugging one into my Dell Mini with some trepidation. I'd heard scare stories of faffing with config files and other horribleness. I remembered a whopping four page feature in Linux Format on "how to get 3G dongles working." I mean - four pages. That means it certainly wasn't going to be easy...

Installing Linux on an elderly laptop

Published on 17 May 2008 in , , ,

Windows was slow, and whilst I felt that re-installing Windows XP might help, Muffin is only a 900Mhz Celeron with 384meg of RAM and a 20Gb hard drive. And I don't like Windows (although XP is far better than Vista) - I'm a Linux user and have been for years. And it was time for Muffin to get a conversion.

One Day In History

Published on 17 October 2006 in , , , , , ,

Regular readers might notice a difference in style for this entry. This is because this entry was originally written for One Day In History - an attempt to capture one days life of many, many people, and store that data in the British Library for future generations. That One Day is today, 17 October 2006. If you're interested in contributing to the archive about your 17 October, don't worry - it's not too late! You can do so until the end of October, via their website.

Sound, Oh Lovely Sound!

Published on 26 June 2006 in , , ,

Well I finally have persuaded Ubuntu Dapper to give me sound. After delving around in the depths of the Ubuntu forums, I finally found a thread where someone had realised the issue was a faulty sound module in the Ubuntu default kernels. One roll your own kernel later, and here I am with sound! As I type, I'm blasting out some Sigur Rós in celebration!