Another true Bods Central cockup!

Published on 12 June 2003 in , , ,

After all those cockups with the RSS feeds for Rant ‘n’ Rave that I had in May and April, I thought it would be possible just to leave them there and not have any problems.

Well that would be the idea anyway.

For this afternoon I suddenly spotted that the two hidden links to the RSS feeds (the ones that only Mozilla will pick up as far as I can tell) were both wrong and didn’t work.

Now how many people would have spotted those links, I don’t know. I don’t even know if anyone even uses the RSS feeds full stop as due to server problems, I can’t access my browser logs! But if you have broken links (even ‘hidden’ ones) it ain’t going to help!

To add to that, Jason at work spotted that the main navigation links on the search page didn’t work… To compensate for this silly error, I’ve made some minor and probably pointless ‘improvements’ to the site design instead! That’ll explain the slightly bigger text then.

Mind you, I hope my illustrious employer is glad that I take a little more care at work than I do on my personal sites!