Ealing Graffiti

Published on 3 August 2003 in , , , ,

Sometimes I wish I took a digital camera around with me all the time. If I did I’d have documentary evidence of the rather remarkable scrawl I saw on the bus shelter near Waitrose in West Ealing, which proclaimed to all who saw…

"Bonnie Greer is a pest."

In case the bus travelling public didn’t get the message, it was scrawled twice.

The choice of insult seems to sum up old style Ealing wonderfully. Pest. The person who thought that Bonnie was a bit of a nuisance, obviously couldn’t come up with anything naughtier than that for an insult. In my home town, the bare minimum would have been twat, and that’s if you’re lucky! Here in Ealing, the yobs and louts are obviously just that bit politier.