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The Nick

Published on 19 June 2004 in , , , , , ,

In Ealing Common is a road - it cuts through the common, although is a dead end. Quite often in the morning, there will be a series of film crews and trucks wandering around. But that's nothing in comparison to what is right next door to our new place...

Flat Junk

Published on 12 June 2004 in , , ,

When you've moved in somewhere, the last thing you want to do is go back to your old rented pad and clean it all. Which is what we did today.

Beer On Broadway XV

Published on 17 May 2004 in , , , ,

In case anyone is wondering why there has been no follow up to last years wonderfully successful Eurovision 2003 post, then I should state that Saturday night was spent at Beer on Broadway - also known as the Ealing Beer Festival.

The Foresters, Ealing

Published on 24 March 2004 in , , , ,

Every now and then you discover a pub you've never been to. And for this one, I'm indebted to Ealing Online whose relentless task of reviewing pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants in Ealing, led me to the Foresters door on Sunday.

The New Inn, Ealing

Published on 24 March 2004 in , , , ,

I'm not going to look back on The New Inn with rose tinted glasses. It wasn't that great before, and now it's been done up, it's still not. It always was a pub that had potential but I doubt the new look will do anything to solve its problems other than burn a hole in someones pocket.

Perfect home: oh where art though?

Published on 25 January 2004 in , , , , , ,

Next to the computer is the 'no pile' - a pile of paper giving details of a pile of properties. Each has the estate agents description of the place, photograph and dimensions. Stapled to that are some scrawled notes listing my views and opinions of the place. But have we been looking in the wrong place for a place to buy? Or have we been looking in the right place and we're about to get distracted looking in the wrong one? And does this make any sense?