Friendship by Blog

Published on 22 August 2003 in , ,

I sat next to Wendy for the most part of two years. Now I work in a different wing of the same building and no longer see her every day. Yet I know she has a new MP3 player.

I also know another Client Side Developer who both Wendy and myself worked with who is called Paul Hammond. I also know that Paul can converse only by blog entry with Andrew Clover, thanks to a link in Paul’s notes – a blog which is slowly being added to the ‘web development guru’ pile of blogs. A pile I’m never likely to be added to as I keep insisting on reviewing trains and writing about carrier bags.

Reading this (as I know he does although bugger knows why) Paul may wonder why Andrew Clover is worthy of mentioning in these astoundingly pointless pages. And that’s because I remember Andrew when he was a regular on – a newsgroup dedicated to the wonderful radio presenter, Mark Radcliffe. Not much of an excuse but it will do.

In some kind of attempt to make this cyclical, I once met and spoke to Mark Radcliffe (along with Lard) in a record store in Ashton-under-Lyne.

So to complete the circle, I don’t know if Wendy has ever been to Ashton-under-Lyne, but she is from Warrington which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that far away. If that’s too tenious, she has been to a Shirehorses gig. Indeed I was at that Shirehorses gig as well, at the Astoria in London. Although neither of us met that evening.

And the point of this was? I’m not sure. I think it was originally supposed to be talking about how blogs seem to be the way that people keep in touch with friends when they don’t see them as often, in a covert attempt to ingratiate myself with the gurus of digital social networks or something by saying something that’s no doubt been said fifty five times before.

Instead it seemed to become an odd mess which unwittingly involves Ashton-under-Lyne, and plenty of bragging about the fact I once spent 30 seconds talking to a Radio One DJ. Good job I’m not a guru, as if I was, millions of people may well have come to the conclusion that I’m a stark raving lunatic. Instead just a handful will. Unfortunatly the majority will be people that know me…

Now should I mention that Debbie was also at that gig, and I only found out a few days later because she saw me wearing a Shirehorses t-shirt? Perhaps it’s best if I don’t…