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Bespoke vs Off-the-shelf – watching the BBC blogs comment problems

Published on 26 February 2008 in , , , , , ,

Blogs for me are a great way for the BBC to communicate with the people who use, and pay for, its services and it's great that they've been a success. Indeed, probably too much of a success if the continuing comment problems are anything to go by. The problems in trying to put up a single comment are, frankly, terrible. Timeouts... Server problems... You're not even sure if your comment has even got through to the server backend half the time.

Work and blogging

Published on 12 January 2005 in , , , , ,

On the day that we found out about the first UK blogger to be sacked by his employer (well that we know about anyway) it's fittingly appropiate that the hot topic on part of the BBC's internal message boards was guidelines for BBC staff who blog about work stuff.

Corrections and Clarifications

Published on 17 May 2004 in , , ,

Given the PR disastor that surrounded the launch of Movable Type 3, it's perhaps not surprising that there have been some 'clarifications' (or backtracking, depending on whose opinion you read) about the new licensing.

I Want My MT3…

Published on 13 May 2004 in , , ,

Well the announcement of version 3 of popular blogging software Movable Type has been greeted with a flurry of posts in the blogs across the land. Unfortunatly they're rarely about the flurry of new features, but instead concentrating on one thing and one thing alone. The price.

Friendship by Blog

Published on 22 August 2003 in , ,

Wendy has a new MP3 player, and Paul and Andrew C can only communicate by the power of blog entries. And Mark Radcliffe has been to Ashton a few times. And does anyone actually read this rubbish?