All Day In The Company of Set Top Boxes

Published on 23 September 2003 in , , ,

Deep in the delves of Bush House are two rooms. One is lined with Sky Digital set top boxes. Another is full of DTT (or Freeview if you must use the marketing name) set top boxes. They are there for testing.

As well as testing, there are stopwatches for timing the same event on different boxes to see how long it takes on each. And when you do this speed testing, you need to do each step several times and then average the results.

And lo, you doth load the same interactive text page ten times on seven DTT boxes. And then you load up Fame Academy Interactive ten times on seven different set top boxes. And others too…

And slowly but surely you realise that whilst you have been sat in this room with your stopwatch loading Fame Academy on seven different boxes, ten times on each, for over three hours.

So it is that you realise that in those three hours, all you’ve seen little other than some woman with a woolly hat sitting at a table eating a meal, and a man with a terrible hair style, lying on a bed with a blue duvet cover….

And you decide that actually where you want to be is lying on a bed, maybe with a blue duvet cover rather than pressing that stopwatch one more time…