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New TV

Published on 10 August 2007 in , , ,

The new TV has arrived which is good - watching episodes on Futurama on your laptop PC just isn't the same if you ask me. It's an IDTV - integrated with digital. I did contemplate going for a cheaper model without the digital element (actually in the clearence range) but due to delivery issues (i.e. they couldn't tell me when it would be delivered), decided to get the digital one. Analogue TVs are getting harder and harder to find now - and it has to be said, rightly so.

Have I Lost Lost?

Published on 19 October 2006 in , ,

As a Lost adict, the news that Sky have poached the programme from Channel 4 so that they can put it on Sky One, is not one I especially wish to hear. Especially as I don't have pay-TV.