DAB Text on BBCi Radio Stations.

Published on 26 September 2003 in , , , , , , ,

On DTT (commonly known by the marketting name of digital TV platform, Freeview) there are radio stations. When you load up, a graphic appears with the station logo.

On Wednesday on the BBC stations, the logo was joined by an updating text feed known as LiveText, and also known as DABtext – because it’s been available for years on DAB radio sets.

These ever changing text feeds tell you various things – the song that’s playing (on 6music), the headlines (on Five Live) and other stuff about the programme (all staions).

On DAB it was cool. On TV it’s even cooler. No longer is this text shoved on a tranny – now it’s on my 24" widescreen TV as well. Now if I like a song on 6music, I don’t have to wait to the end to find out what it was – I just watch the text.

It’s so cool, but as you’ve seen, it’s so hard to describe why it’s cool. If you have DTT (even if it’s an old OnDigital set top box), load up one of the BBC radio stations and see how cool it is. Cos it’s just cool. And I like it.

And even better… It’s not on Satellite. For once us in digital TV through an aerial land can look down on those satellite people! WAHOO!

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