Freeze It!

Published on 15 October 2003 in , ,

One of the benefits of working in interactive television is that you get to mess with lots of set top boxes. It’s very interesting comparing the current crop of digital terrestrial (DTT) boxes with the Sky boxes – functionality and speed wise, Sky’s boxes are seriously beginning to loose the race.

One new arrival today was a a Sagem DTT box today which has a very interesting feature – a freeze button where you can pause a picture on screen.

Whilst this is not the worlds most useful feature – it’s not like Tivo

where you can pause the programme and pick up where you left off – but it struck me that even a freeze frame option has some good uses – the obvious one that hit me was for taking screen grabs on your computer. Taking a grab of a moving picture often gives rather blurry results.

Screen grabbing is a niche but a far more useful for many would be to leave an address, phone number, email or SMS on screen whilst you dash off to get a pen, which when you think of it is something that would be really nice to do every now and then. It’s just little touches like that, that really make an impression.