Computerised Mayhem

Published on 23 December 2003 in , , , ,

Computers are, for want of a better word, the bain of my life. when they work, they’re fine. But when they not, they cause pain, anguish and much shouting. The last few days of computing experience just prove that.

It all started when I decided I wanted to use Linux on my laptop PC – a machine which until recently had been the preserve of the dreaded Windows XP.

Going away from my main PC for a few days, I then decided to sync my emails onto my Linux partition. Although I then managed to delete every single email!

So I thought anyway, and some creative recovery meant I got them back (not having first cursed my freshly made backup CD for not copying all the relevant files).

That done, I was ready. Away from home, I even managed to get Movable Type installed and running happily, meaning I could blog. (If you’re wondering, I use an offline copy of Movable Type to build the site, rather than one on my webserver).

And so I did. Then I realised I had no way of getting the new blog entry onto the webserver…

I’d packed my seriel external modem with the laptop, thinking I’d simply plug it in and be away – Linux not being very happy with most Winmodems.

It was only when I tried to plug it in that I realised that there was no seriel port on the laptop! All I had was an internal modem that I could only use back in the dreaded Windows.

So some brain thoughts later and I came upon a solution.

When updating my websites, I use a programme called rsync, to make updating easier. Thankfully some nice person had put a Windows version on the web! Some basic configuring and it seemed I was away!

Only one problem. I couldn’t actually save the files from Linux onto the Windows partition.

Windows XP uses a disk format called NTFS, for which the Linux support isn’t great. I needed a VFAT partition to enable me to move the files across, but of course, I didn’t have one!

Delving into Linux, I repartioned my hard drive and put on a new directory.

In the confusion my home directory got trashed, killing the blog entry I had wanted to post! (Although since retrieved I hasten to add!)

Add to that, I managed to find out that my Windows setup had managed to get infected by a varient of the MSBlaster virus – don’t even ask me how that happened given the PC is rarely connected to the web and I am very careful about what I run – and it really was a day and a half.

So here I am, writing a blog entry. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload this (if you’re reading it now, I have) but knowing my luck… Well, nothing is guarenteed.