Standing on the corner with two dogs

Published on 7 March 2004 in , , ,

Whilst at Borough Market yesterday, Catherine spotted Sue Perkins – probably best known as one half of comedy double act Mel and Sue, and less well known as host of Radio 4’s The 99p Challenge.

With her, two dogs and she was stood on the corner near Southwark Cathedral. She walked off, then returned, then walked off, then returned.

She could have been loitering, desperately hoping someone would recognise her and ask for her autograph, but somehow I suspect she was probably just waiting for someone who was late.

Of course I didn’t ask for her autograph, nor did I do a hysterically funny "Wow! You’re Mel out of Mel and Sue aren’t you?" routine which I’m sure would have brought the house down (either that or something very heavy down on my head).

Instead I just stood sipping my wonderful hot spiced cider (from the great cider stall near Fish!) and then walked off to find a stall with good cakes. And that was enough name dropping for one day.