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Music sounds better with you

Published on 1 July 2008 in , ,

Well if my Rio Karma wasn't broken enough already, one suspects it's in a worse state this morning. I was casually putting it away outside the office after the morning commute, walking at the same time as I have done hundreds of times before, only for me to drop it, where it then bounced on the floor, straight into the water at the bottom of the fountain.


Published on 26 April 2008 in ,

I can't be the only one to be sad at the news that the wonderful Humphrey Lyttelton has sadly died.

Chuckle times four

Published on 14 May 2005 in ,

Thanks to our new CBBC eXtra service (currently on cable and Freeview versions of BBCi - page 570, and launching on satellite soon) I was amazed to read that Chucklevision features not two Chuckle Brothers but four.