Ain’t Never Going to be predictable?

Published on 15 March 2004 in , ,

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too predictable. Take for example, a pint. I like a pint. Where do I go for a pint? The Red Lion.

I know the Red Lion. I like the Red Lion. It’s nice, it’s friendly, they know me, I know them. They have fantastic beer.

What if I want a curry? That’s DK Monty’s in the Ealing Broadway Centre. It’s a Nepalese restaurant and the food is divine. Great service. We go every now and then. It’s a great place. Get known to them and you’ll be greeted with a firm handshake and a welcoming "How are you?".

And so it was one weekend. Friday 5 March, warm welcome at The Red Lion. Saturday 6 March, warm welcome in DK Monty’s.

It made me think that perhaps sometimes I am good at playing things VERY safe.

After all, we’ve lived in Ealing since the summer of 1999 – we know some of the best places to go and well… we go to them. We know the bad places and we avoid them.

We don’t know… well lots of places. There’s restaurants, pubs, cafes that I’ve walked past but never stepped in. Just walk past and think "that looks like a nice place" and put it out of my mind forever.

It makes me feel… well just predictable. That’s why on Saturday we had lunch at a lovely little Polish Cafe called Cafe Grove, And that’s why on Sunday we went off to T.J. Duffy’s last night.

Because sometimes you need a break from what you know.

In a way moving to Colliers Wood will be a breath of fresh air. Yes we’ll have to say goodbye to The Red Lion, and we’ll have to say so long to DK Monty’s. But we’ll have a brand new corner of London to explore…