Ikea Bore

Published on 4 May 2004 in , , ,

So what have I learnt since last Friday? Well…

There’s nothing like a trip round Ikea to make you think about the state of your flat. For example, for the first time in almost four years, our plants are no longer just shoved in bare plastic tubs, maybe sitting in an old Vitallite margarine tub if it’s lucky.

Instead they’re sitting in nice steel bucket like things looking really cool. Shame they don’t look so good with the mishmash of grotty furniture that comes with this flat, but believe me, when we move into the new place, they’ll look superb.

What else? Well a lamp with a nice lamp shade makes a bedroom look a lot nicer than a cheap desk lamp propping the corner. Oh and if you’ve got loads of computer CDs just filling shelves that are impossible to find anything, get some nice boxes to put them in. The boxes look cool and everything is more organised.

Finally, little 20p tealight holders look great and are a bargain.

All of which will look lovely when we get into our new place I’m sure!