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Finding a builder for the bathroom

Published on 18 June 2009 in , , , ,

As I mentioned the other day, we've just had our bathroom done. It was, I must confess, something we'd put off for some time. That and the kitchen too. Both really needed doing when we moved in back in 2004, however we didn't have the money at the time and over the months and years we just got too used to the way everything was. Eventually I put my foot down and decided that we just had to get at least one - and preferably both - done. I decided on the bathroom as technically it should be a simpler project (well one where there was less for us to decide�)

A plethora of cables

Published on 4 May 2009 in , , ,

there's a draw in the spare bedroom just of computer cables and other bits - full to bursting. All tangled up, and with no idea what was what. As such, an obvious bank holiday task was to actually sort it out. And looking through, I was amazed at what there was in there.

Ah, heat at last!

Published on 9 November 2007 in , , ,

I won't truly believe it until this evening when it will have been running for 24 hours, but this morning I woke up and the house wasn't ice cold. Could this mean that the heating saga (and posts) are now over? Here's hoping!

Still no warmth

Published on 4 November 2007 in , , ,

So I'm looking at my stats in Google Analytics, and blow me, if it isn't the case that the most popular pages on this here blog, are ones of me moaning about central heating.