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Please note: this information is now kept up to date in the ‘Stuff’ Section.

A colleague working in another division, the other day asked me when the first interactive TV services launched. Funnily enough I had trouble tracking down in the information but thanks to a combination of websites, I found out the information.

Because people might be interested, I thought it might be good to put up a list of the key dates in the BBC’s interactive text services. This doesn’t cover interactive TV programming, nor does it cover cable platforms (cos getting the dates is harder) but does cover digital terrestrial television (or DTT – what was known as OnDigital and is now known as Freeview) and digital satellite. So here goes.

1 October 1999

BBC Text service unleashed on the world on the DTT platform (date refers to the date that the software became available for

OnDigital boxes, and hence the service was viewable by the public for the first time)

13 March 2001

BBC Text launches on satellite on the BBC News 24, BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge channels.

20 March 2001

BBC Text launches on satellite on BBC One and BBC Two

6 September 2001

BBC i-Bar launches on satellite. The bar provides an invision overlay with brief news and sport headlines and programme related content.

20 November 2001

BBC News multiscreen services launches on satellite. BBC Text is rebranded as BBCi. Both occur in the early hours of the morning.

1 May 2002

BBC i-Bar launches on DTT.

4 June 2003

Digital satellite service relaunched with a two tier service – a full service in fullscreen and a ‘bridge’ concept – a channel associated sidebar that replaced the services existing ‘i-Bar’ and displays programme content as well as a range of other BBCi content without leaving the programme you’re watching.

24 September 2003

DTT service relaunches with the bridge, CBeebies and new radio services with programme information.

20 October 2003

BBC News multiscreen service launches on DTT with two streams.

27 November 2003

DTT service gets a small redesign.

For those interested, the sources were Teletext Then and Now, the BBC Press Office, Media Bullet and this very blog.

Please note: this information is now kept up to date in the ‘Stuff’ Section.

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