Set Top Box Woe

Published on 9 June 2004 in , , , ,

Last September I bought (and raved about) a new Goodmans GDB3 set top box.

It was very good. Good picture, easy to use software, rock solid – rarely crashed or caused me any grief. I recommended it to friends and colleagues and to you.

Everything was wonderful.

Until around mid-March.

Pretty much around the time that Top Up TV’s channels appeared on the set top box, I’ve had nothing but trouble. The box has been crashing left right and centre. Trying to use the timer is impossible because one crash and the memory is wiped out.

It’s been especially bad when using interactive services, or radio stations. In short it’s been a complete disaster – almost impossible to use.

I’ve tried all sorts. Resetting the firmware, changing the aerial, unplugging it for several hoursl, shouting at it, hitting it, you name it, I’ve tried it. The unfortunate thing is, I’m not alone. There is thread on Digital Spy’s forums, and several posts on about it.

It’s all extremely frustrating. What the problem is, I don’t know. My guess is that it’s something to do with the extra channels added due to Top Up TV, causing memory problems. I wouldn’t mind if I could find out if Goodmans knew about the problem and were getting a cure sorted out…

But that’s the other problem. The Goodmans bloke who used to be on the Digital Spy forums has disappeared, and their customer support emails and phone lines are going unanswered.

It’s all really annoying, not least as this box used to be fast and reliable. Rock solid at all times. It was great. But not any more.

Unless I can find anything out by this weekend, I’ll be returning my set top box to Argos where I originally bought it from. It’s still under warranty so they’ll have to do something with it. The problems seem to be specific to the version of the software (v3.2 if you’re interested) I have in my box, so it might be that the boxes in the stores have different software installed. We will see.