Bye Bye GDB3, Hello DT210F

Published on 17 June 2004 in , , , ,

After it being initially perfect and then very bad indeed, my Goodmans GDB3 DTT (Freeview) set top box went back to Argos last night.

Initially I got another of the same make but within five minutes of plugging it in, it had crashed already. In fact it seemed even less reliable than the one I’d taken back and this evening, it also went back to Argos – this time for a refund.

In its place, a brand new Pace DT210F which is sat happily underneath my TV. First impressions are pretty good although the 7-day TV guide (which is broadcasting experimentally in London at the moment – the Pace is one of the few boxes to support it) is a bit slow to get all the data loaded up. Once it’s had time to bed in, I’ll do a full review.

I was in a way, quite sad to see the GDB3 go. When it worked, it had worked very well and Apparently there is a version of the software where it still works very well. It’s just not the version on my box.

And I did give it over 3 months to see if a solution could be found. But sometimes you just have to give in. We had a few Pace’s around at work and they seemed pretty solid so I thought I’d give it a go. So far it’s not crashed once, which can only be a good thing.