It’s Anti-Political Correctness Gone Mad!

Published on 12 August 2004 in , , , ,

And now a quote from someone who I am assured is being serious – no, this isn’t a parody.

The BBC is immersed in sickening, and mind-numbing political correctness. Just take a look at BBC1’s mad “idents” – images of happy multicultural people skateboarding or salsa dancing; African drummers (what have these got to do with Britain?); or crowds of “young people” at some dreadful “rave”. This propaganda is just like the Soviet posters of the 1930s, except that it’s all updated for 2004, and centres (not on tractors and industrial workers) but various decadent types “expressing” themselves. All the neurotic self-deceptions of the liberal elite are there, presenting an image of Britain that excludes anyone white, middle-class, non-urban, and traditional in dress and manner (i.e it excludes British people!)

Stuart Millson, writing on the topic of BBC spreads evil PC attitudes

Must have imagined that ident full of white middle class people ballroom dancing then. Or the ballet dancers? What more middle class can you get? Anyway, that’s all there to set the scene for more of Stuart’s words of wisdom…

My first act as Prime Minister would be to close the BBC down for six weeks and completely restructure and restaff it. I’d make sure that we employed a right-wing scriptwriter for the Archers, and BBC 1’s “idents” would be scenes of RAF jets flying over Brussels, or pictures of Prince Charles gardening at Highgrove.

Whilst the thought of him trying to replace 30,000 BBC employees in only six weeks means I would be tempted to vote for him (it would be a good laugh if nothing else), I’m more intrigued by this idea of BBC One programmes being introduced with idolic scenes of old Charlie tending his cabbage patch…

I can see it now…

You’re watching BBC One

<shot of Prince Charles pulling a weed out of the ground>

Coming up in half an hour

<Charles shuffles soil around with a garden fork>

Den’s in trouble and Dot’s got her hands full in EastEnders

<Charles lovingly strokes a petunia>

But first, Super Furry Animals are Top Of The Pops!

<Camila walks past and waves>

You know, it could work…


  • Anonymous says:

    “Where did this strange animal Political Correctness (PC) come from? Never in our history have we had to be afraid of what we say, write, and do.
    We must not bow to that fear. Since PC tries to restrict our freedom of expression—-particularly any form of dissent–it is imperative that we learn everything we can about it: more, for example, than it is simply a rebuke to various forms of bigotry
    In an address to academia in 1998, writer Bill Lind dissected PC from top to bottom. What Lind said is so vital, I will try, with implicit permission, to give you a capsule version of the five points he made.
    First, political correctness is cultural Marxism. Although it’s everywhere, this socialistic idea is most evident on college campuses, where crossing the line set up by sainted “victims” groups gets you in deep trouble.
    PC also thrives on lies. Let’s say you’re told that a certain fact is true. But reality contradicts that. So reality is forbidden, to make the lie seem true. And the power of the State is used to keep the lie alive. That’s why political correctness creates a totalitarian state.
    Second, PC, like Marxism, uses a single factor to explain history. Marx uses economics. PC uses power. The power is determined by which groups have power over the other groups. With political correctness, nothing but power has any significant meaning.
    Third, with PC, certain groups are deemed to be “good”. These groups, such as feminist women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, etc, are considered “victims”, therefore “good”– whether they are or not. White males, of course, are the bad guys. Their “evilness” is equivalent to the wicked bourgeoisie in economic Marxism.
    Fourth, both PC and Marxism take from one to give to another; (or keep for themselves. You can clearly see this at work in quotas, preferences, affirmative action, and other illegal transfers of assets from one group of citizens to another. The nice word for it is expropriation. The more accurate word is stealing.
    Fifth, both political correctness and Marxism have a method of analyzing situations which automatically gives them the answers they want. This devious little process is called Deconstruction. Which simply means taking one text, removing its meaning, and re-inserting any other meaning desired.”
    So the Marxist Labour political machinery, afraid it is losing it’s power to deflect attention from the mess it has created, politically and now economically in Britian, by having it’s wasteful little wars a long way from home, to make us saps believe they are still in control of events, now they turn to the Law and more especially to the police-force.
    Because the police force is still mainly white and male and that brings with it certain characteristics, they have to introduce “quotas” of those social groupings that don’t naturally lean towards the profession of law-enforcement.
    That in itself has been failing and decried even by the likes of Race Relations pundits like Sir Trevor Phillips.
    So now, taking a leaf from the Bedfordshire police Force, the MarxistLabour NU-Facists in waiting have decided to spread that contagion of political correctness to all the police forces.
    IT was called in dear old Adolf’s dark days, “indoctrination.”
    It started with school children back then, and hatred of Jews and unwanted members of society was inculcated almost at birth.
    This we see in the replication of the way Wahaabi Islam is being indoctrinated into local British children from four years old.
    Now the police force must learn to take it’s shoes off and give ten minutes before they can enter certain homes, along with all the other deviant practices they will be forced to believe are natural and required to enforce the Orwellian dream of total control.
    Well if that isn’t discrimination, what is?
    So having seen failure approaching, this desperate attempt is placing the weight of indoctrination on the very people who swear to the Queen and State, to uphold British Justice.
    If you step out of line, in your thoughts and words, you will be hounded by the police, because they themselves are having their hands bound and their morals and ideals twisted by this un-natural process of enforced “political correctness” now re-named “Social Cohesion.”
    Of course the traditional police will queue up to take early retirement as they see their world changing and will jump ship at an early opportunity.
    Who can blame them?
    So we see the Church of England compromised from the top down, it’s deviation and division being fanned by the Shepherd of It’s flock,
    We see the School system emasculating British kids to be mindless consumers of trash, and the results can be seen in the suicide rate of kids and the drunken binging they indulge in at best, and at worst the sorrowful descent into Heroin and Crack abuse leading to prostitution and suicide.
    We watch our brave soldiers dying out in the dust, and barely thank them when they return injured or depressed.
    Now we must see our marvelous police dragged down into the same gutter as Society is having it’s head forced into by the self-deceiving lieing cheating MarxianFacisto schoolboy politics of the likes of David Milliband and his new wave army of toadying, jostling self aggrandizing reprobates, intent on forcing Britain into the dustbin of history.
    I hear Milliband is a big blogger, maybe he need a few visits on his blog to challenge the tripe he spreads about our fair Countries’ future.
    He is after all the likely successor of B.B. Brown.

  • Andrew Bowden says:

    Err… yes… quite.