Railcard Savings

Published on 27 August 2004 in , , , ,

My very last Young Persons Railcard expired on 13 August 2004 – I’m now too old for one and train fares will now be sadly, more expensive. At least outside the South East they will – I have a Network Gold Card to cover that area.

Anyway for the last year I’ve kept almost all of my tickets with the aim of finding out just how much money its saved me. And because I’m boring like that, here’s the information in a table.

Journey Ticket Type Full price (£s) Railcard price (£s) Saving (£s)
London-Manchester Saver Return 50.00 33.00 17.00
London-Newton For Hyde Saver Return 50.70 33.80 16.90
London-Cambridge Cheap Day Return 16.50 10.90 5.60
Newton for Hyde-Manchester Cheap Day Return 2.25 1.50 0.75
Richmond-North Sheen Single 0.95 0.65 0.30
Harrow on the Hill-Wendover Cheap Day Return 8.50 5.60 2.90
Ealing Broadway-Goring and Streatly Cheap Day Return 11.10 7.40 3.70
Manchester-Guide Bridge Single 1.80 1.20 0.60
Saving 47.75

Which just goes to show that a little money spent, can save you a lot more.