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A Year of Train Travel

Published on 1 March 2010 in , , , ,

Every year I make a number of train journeys outside London. And last year I actually kept a record of it - where I went, what I did, how much it cost. These are the results of that recording. That and a huge pile of orange tickets...

Saving Money On The Trains

Published on 26 June 2005 in , , , ,

One thing occurred to me recently – that a lot of people don’t know about some little money saving tricks when travelling on the railways in London and the South East. So I thought I’d mention them to those that don’t. If you know all about Boundary Extensions and Network Gold Cards, you can probably wander off somewhere else. Network Gold Cards First up – Network Gold Cards. If you have an annual travelcard, then you have a Network Gold Card. If you have an annual rail season ticket for the old Network South East area, you also have a Gold Card. The Network Gold Card is a railcard, and as such gives you a third off rail tickets in the old Network South East railway area. There’s a map of the area on the Railcard website. A Gold card is pretty much the same as a Network Railcard but with two important distinctions. You don’t have to pay £20 for it. You get a Gold Card by default when you spend all that cash on your annual travelcard/season ticket. There is no minimum fare – the Network Railcard has a minimum fare of £10 on weekdays. This doesn’t apply... View Article