Flu, Chicken Soup and ADSL

Published on 1 October 2004 in , , , ,

Well I guess Chicken Soup can’t solve every problem which is why I spent most of yesterday and part of today, in bed with flu.

Thankfully I’m now recovering and can actually walk around the house for more than five minutes without feeling completely exhausted, although the trip to Sainsburys to stock up on huge amounts of vitamin-containing vegetables and fruit (and a morale boosting Apple Turnover), did prove to be hard going.

Still being at home all day did allow me to watch Richard and Judy and find out just what I should have been eating to keep that virus away. Just a bit late but never mind…

And now it’s almost weekend – time to relax and have fun. Which is why Catherine is now coming down with the same thing… Ho hum.

Still in other news, don’t buy a Broadband Router when you actually want an ADSL Modem Router… Which means I now have to send the thing back to Ebuyer, and await for the proper thing. Which does mean that my nice new ADSL connection – connected up yesterday Apparently – has yet to be broken in, and I’m still on dial-up. Ho hum indeed.

Incidentally, this is post 321. Which is a nice pleasing number if ever I saw one.