End Of A Cable

Published on 8 November 2004 in , ,

My first computer was a Dragon 32 back in the mid 1980s. I say ‘my’ – it was actually the family computer but I was the one who used it most.

Since then, computers have played a big part in my life – even giving me a career. And over those years I’ve had my fair share of computer equipment. And a lot of it still remains. In a box. A big box. Until tonight.

So its time to bid farewell to:

my Psion Wavefinder

My first piece of DAB radio equipment – got it in 2001 I think.

It was the first affordable DAB reciever – I think I got mine for about £40.

And it was crap. Utter crap. The USB cable fell out of the PC if you even dared touch the case. The software was appalling and the signal would break up at the drop of a hat. Oh and you had to get the ariel in just the right position else it would break up throughout your recording.

And as for actually getting it to work… plug and play? No chance. Plug, waggle, hit, curse, unplug, waggle, curse, swear, rant, rage, waggle, reboot, scream maddly, find it works for some unknown reason for 15 minutes. Repeat.

It was useful for recording stuff off the airwaves, but in the end it got too frustrating until one day it just stopped working and no end of hitting, waggling and swearing would make it work. So it got put in the box. The other day, I ordered a new DAB radio that records onto memory cards so I thought, stuff it. The Wavefinder can go. So it has.

my parallel printer cable

Until recently my printer was still using it, despite having a USB port as well. Well USB cables used to cost a shed load. Now you get them free with anything. Recently I found myself with two spare ones, so the parallel printer cable got shoved in the box.

That cable has been with me for years – since my first printer funnily enough, back in my Atari ST days. Must have been around 1992 or something when I got it. 12 years of good service. But that’s progress, and its looking a bit old, a bit tired. And who needs them any more?

Off to the retirement home in the bin.

1.6Gb hard drive

Bought in 1997. Finally got retired a few years ago and has been floating around ever since. Sometimes you just have to get rid of stuff don’t you?

Could have sold it on ebay I suppose I could see the ‘no bids’ flashing up – and hey, who would want it?

Its only the tip of the iceberg I know – my notebook PC came with a draw full of random wires and plug socks when I bought it a few years ago – most of which I have no idea what they’re for. Which is why they’re staying. After all – I’ve chucked three things. Isn’t that enough?