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Links for 14 July 2010

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8-Bit Cities Ever wondered what Google Maps would look like on a ZX Spectrum? What? You haven't? What planet are you on? You're a disgrace to the species dude, a disgrace to the species. London Reconnections: West Ashfield (Part 1): Models Great and Small Part one of a fascinating insight into one of the tube's hidden tube stations – the one that sits in an office block somewhere near West Kensington. A must read for any Londonder! Absolute Radio to launch fifth digital service – Will Absolute Radio Extra work? Is DAB ready for a "red button" style service? Will radio manufacturers be rushing out to add red buttons to their set? Time will tell. London Underground cooling budget cut by £10m – BBC News The video report here is especially interesting as it mentions that the Central, Bakerloo and Piccadilly lines are the worst for heat, but that most of the money spent on cooling projects this year will go on the Victoria Line. Well I'm sure it makes sense for someone. Also included is a PDF of the tube "heat map" showing the places that you really don't want trains stuck in a tunnel – pretty much... View Article

Links for 8 July 2010

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Haven’t done this for a while for various reasons. Most of which revolve on me not seeing any links I like. And then what happens? Four come along at once! BBC Mind The Gap: Bike hire etiquette: No animals allowed I'm not a cyclist myself, but I'd like to be (especially if I had a slightly shorter commute) but I can't help but notice that huge swathes of road near where I live have been painted blue. It's Boris's Cycle Superhighway, and it all looks rather pointless – a cycle lane merely painted blue. As can be seen in the report on the BBC London Mind the Gap Blog, there's certainly been a few problems. Still praise where praise is due – mirrors at traffic lights to help with HGVs blind spots are a very simple and a very good idea. Bashing the BBC: The peculiar rage inspired by the BBC – The Economist "Here is a curious paradox about British conservatives. Challenge them to defend grand British institutions, from the Royal Family to the House of Lords or the lack of a written constitution, and they argue passionately about the dangers of tampering and meddling with things that evolved... View Article

End Of A Cable

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Computers have played a big part in my life - even giving me a career. And over those years I've had my fair share of computer equipment. And a lot of it still remains. In a box. A big box. Until tonight.