Hitchhikers Guide to the Beer

Published on 8 May 2005 in , ,

The whole world and his aunt has probably seen Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by now, but I finally saw it yesterday.

I was a bit dubious to begin with, but it was nice to see that Ford still goes up to the bar and orders six pints of bitter and not some weedy, horrible lager. And even better – Ford and Arthur actually go to a pub that sells two Fullers London Pride, Fullers Chiswick and McMullen’s AK, which is of course, yes you guessed it, a mild! Lovely!

Anyway, when it comes down to it, I’m afraid Peter Jones is the only book and Simon Jones is the only Arthur Dent (yes, the radio version is the definitive version for me) but I did get into it and the film is well worth a watch. Although what anybody who knows nothing about the books, tv or radio versions would make of it is another business. That said, those who have might find it a bit strange knowing most of the jokes as they’re about to come up!