Music Player Stats

Published on 16 May 2005 in , ,

Nearly three weeks since getting it, I’ve been rather haphazardly ripping CDs and uploading them onto my new MP3 player, getting so far 64 albums on it, with a total of 851 tracks and using 2.9Gb – only 16Gb to go.

And I’ve started on the stats, so I’ll finish.

The most popular genre is ‘Indie’ with a whopping 229 tracks – behind that is actually Folk with just 90, with Electronic coming in third at 82. Least popular genre? Folk/Dance and Altern Rock, which is what I labelled The Polyphonic Spree as for some unknown reason, both have nine tracks.

Artists – way out in front for some reason are the Super Fury Animals, currently with 53 tracks. The Chemical Brothers come second with 35, joint with The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – who got where they are thanks to a Doctor Who soundtrack CD with lots of tracks on it.

Longest track appears to be Thirty Days Out by the Montrose Avenue coming in at over 21 minutes. However that’s one for the edit pile as it’s one of those annoying CDs where they put a ‘bonus’ track at the end which comes after ten minutes of silence – and of course the last track, bonus and silence are all one file.

As that doesn’t count, the second longest track is Night Falls On Hoboken by Yo La Tengo at 17:42.

Shortest track is 20s long and is a track called D’Oh from Chumbawamba’s album Anarchy. A rather odd track with some quirky singing, it ends with something thats supposed to sound like Homer Simpson doing his trademark catchphrase, but doesn’t sound quite right to me.

Five tracks have names which start with numbers, two have tracks that start with the letter Z, namely Zero by The Smashing Pumpkins, and Zycanthos Jig/Tommy’s Foot/Quebecois by Eliza Carthy.

Still, 60 odd CDs down, around 200 more to go. But with an average file size of 3.5Mb, I should have room for around another 4578 tracks so I could be a while…