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The mysterious MP3 that’s not so mysterious any more (or how I found out what some music was with a little help from people on the internet)

Published on 22 July 2019 in , ,

Chuck Berry performing at the Edmonton Gardens, Alberta

With so much information at our fingertips, it’s easy to believe that the internet has everything on it. Well almost everything. You won’t find out how many pairs of socks are in my drawer. But near enough everything you’d want to know. So when you discover a gap in the collective knowledge of the internet, it feels rather strange.

Links for 1 March 2010

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Inevitably there would be a strong focus to these links… Tory culture spokesman joins 6 Music fanclub with U-turn over closure – As a 6music listener, the rumours of the demise of 6music are something I'm not keen on. However if such rumours can convert the shadow culture minister to the delights of the station, perhaps this could work to the station's advantage. Well I can dream… Nicholas Lezard: If you could see the BBC now, John … – The Independent "Dear John Peel, Forgive the impertinence of my writing to you care of the afterlife, but I thought you'd better know about what's been going on down here lately." Nicholas Lezard writes to John Peel about BBC Radio 6music Killing BBC 6 Music would be a slap in the face to licence-payers – "As I listen to 6 Music today, I keep hearing tracks and thinking, where else would I hear this kind of radio during the day? The tragic answer to that question is nowhere. The end of 6 Music at this moment in the BBC's history is not only an act of cultural vandalism, it's also an affront to the memory of John Peel and... View Article

Gyms – motivation and calories

Published on 20 September 2008 in , , , ,

It's coming up for three years since I joined the gym, which is conveniently located a mere five minute walk from our house. And I've been a regular visitor ever since, with a target of going 3 times a week to either work out or swim.

Remember the physical before we regret it

Published on 5 July 2008 in , , ,

I like technology. Technology is cool. I like the convenience of my MP3 player. My photos have never been better since I got a digital camera so that I can see what I've taken, and improve instantly. My PVR hoovers up TV programmes and gives them to me in a nice menu.

Hello again

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I wonder how many blog posts out there start with some mutterings about the poster being sorry about the lack of posts, and that they've been a bit busy of late with all manner of exciting or maybe dull things.


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Every now and then, you come across a computer programme that really makes a difference to your life - that really makes life easier and is worthy of being hailed. So stand up and say hello to abcde - a better CD encoder.