Man, Does It Suck!

Published on 22 May 2005 in ,

The vacuum conked out the other day. It was an old one – indeed, my parents old one that had been shoved in a loft until we moved house last year when it was brought out of retirement for us to use. Not entirely sure what was wrong with it, but the cable was looking a little worn… Something to do with the centimetre of exposed copper wire gave that one away.

So it was off to the nearby electrical retailer for a new one. But what to buy?

Well okay to cut a long story short, we bought a Dyson. It’s a green one. But man does it suck! We’d managed to half fill the dust collecting thing just doing all the carpets. Even an area I’d managed to vacuum just the other day (before the old one conked out) was revealing huge amounts of grot. And as for the stairs… Well the old one was never very good with them, so the amount that came off them was quite ridiculous.

As to whether its better than any other bagless cleaner, well that I don’t know, although I did contemplate taking a bag of dirt to Comet and asking them to plug a few models in…

(If you’ve ever wondered why there aren’t more blog posts in the world, dedicated to vacuum cleaners, this post probably gives you a reason)