Picture Frame Hook Thingy Needed

Published on 24 May 2005 in ,

To cut a long story short, I bought some frames today to put some photographs in. And on one, I broke the little hook thing which is fixed to the frame, and is what you use to hang it onto a picture hook. I’ve borrowed one from another frame, but want a replacement. I also have absolutely no idea where to get one from, without buying a new frame. In the unlikely event… well answers on a postcard. All donations VERY gratefully accepted.

Incidentally the photos are very nice. 10×8 photos taken by my sister, Rachel. One is a moody picture of the Thames with the sun just set, and lots of clouds, which just looks superb. The second is of the Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg at night, with it all being lit up. Unfortunately Rachel got all the photographic talent – me, I’m lucky if I can take a photograph that isn’t blurred, yet alone one that’s actually nicely framed…