Willow The Wisp

Published on 13 June 2005 in ,

The other week we were out for a meal with a few other people. The wine had been flowing, the food excellent and we left content and happy, before wandering off to a nearby house for a few bottles of beer, wine or whatever.

After sitting in the garden for a bit, we adjourned into the living room and ended up putting the TV on for some late night watching of Willow The Wisp – the classic cartoons voiced by the late, great Kenneth Williams.

Strange to watch it again after all those years, and it was strange to see how short they are, and indeed sometimes, how abruptly the story ended! But who can knock a programme where the villian, Evil Edna, is a television, and the on screen narrator – Willow the Wisp – shares the same facial expressions and hand gestures as the man voicing them.

And today the Media Guardian reveals that Willow is to return, abliet now voiced by James Dreyfus. Will it be as good? Time will tell. If nothing else, Kenneth Williams is a very difficult act to follow.

But I hope they pull it off – if for no other reason than a new generation will get to enjoy a world of Mavis Cruet, Arthur the Cat and the quite frankly wonderful Moog.

Now all together now… doobe-de-do-do, doobe-de-do…