No Satellite Signal 2

Published on 20 September 2005 in , ,

The trauma of Sunday where I spent far too long nudging my satellite dish is still in my mind, especially when various Googling and discussions at work did suggest it might be a problem with the LNB (that’s the prong that sticks out of the dish) but before I started buying new satellite bits, or calling up people to check things, I thought it would be worth just checking the box on someone else’s satellite dish.

So earlier this evening Catherine and myself popped over to see Steven and Andy who live not far away. Unplugged their set top box, bunged our shiny new Amstrad in its place.

No satellite signal found.

Plugged their box in just to see what happens. All works perfectly.

Replug ours in. No signal.

Fiddle with cables, blow in some holes. No signal.

Which suggests it’s a box issue. Now the box itself was installed just two weeks ago, so it was time to ring up Sky who were a bit puzzled and now we’ve got an engineer coming out on Sunday. Of course the dish needs realigning too, but I hasten to add that I did do all the reboots and things that they make you do, before messing with the dish, so the whole cabodle was knackered well before that dish got out of sync!

Thankfully we use Freeview as the main TV source so we’re not missing anything really, but we’ll see what Sunday holds…