Satellite Signal Found

Published on 6 October 2005 in , , ,

I know, I know. You’re all desperate to know what the state of play is on my satellite signal. I can tell this because of the flood of emails that have been bombarding my email address ever since I first mentioned the problems.

Well on Wednesday I had to phone up Sky to try and change the visit – when they’d phoned to cancel the original visit, I’d said Saturday, forgetting my parents were down so I wouldn’t be in.

So I phoned Sky and got them confused, cos the rearranged date wasn’t in their system. As far as their computer was concerned, someone had been and sorted the issue.

They then went off to find out what had been going on – and hopefully told off their contractor for not going through the proper system. Unfortunately they then phoned back saying that the contractor couldn’t arrange a new date until closer to the time of the original appointment. They gave me the number to ring.


So Thursday I tried to rearrange and all seemed to go well. Sunday it was.

Saturday morning. Phone goes at 07:45. I stumble out of bed. "We’ll be around in an hour". Ok. I go back to bed. It dawns on me slowly that it’s not actually Sunday. Ack, stuff it.

Cut a long story short, they arrived around 08:45. I filled them in, and they proceeded to mess with the LNB – that’s the long prongy thing that sticks out of your dish. They waggled it and replaced it. Then went "hmm" when it didn’t work with the box. Box must be kaput. Which obviously was what I thought it was.

They change the box – brand new Thompson box instead of the Amstrad they’d left last time. All works. They nod, and leave.

Next morning. Text message. Your Sky engineer will pop by around 12 and 3… Needless to say, they didn’t stay long.

So out of all that, all was fine. New box supplied, and a new LNB to boot. I had satellite again. Except for ITV1 and ITV2 which weren’t working until I nudged the dish slightly last night.

Anyway, here’s hoping this box lasts longer than a fortnight anyway.