Ubuntu Upgrade

Published on 30 October 2005 in , , ,

I can see it now. In forty years time, little children will be running up to us saying "Daddy, daddy! Tell us again about the old days when to upgrade your computer operating system, you had to wipe the whole thing and start everything all over again". And I’ll laugh and go, "Well little ones, sit down and I’ll tell you all about it…".

See I know the score. I’ve done goodness knows how many OS upgrades – usually with Linux. And I knew that whilst you could ‘upgrade’ Mandrake Linux, and not have to format the hard drive, it was generally better and easier just to do that, cos if you didn’t, nothing would work and all hell would break loose.

That meant that I’d spend half the day backing up the computer, another half re-installing everything, and a further week slowly restoring all those various apps and things that got lost in the process.

And I used to hear tales of those with Debian who’d upgrade their entire Linux setup without even having to log off their PC, and everything – yes everything – would work perfectly when they’d done. And it sounded so heavenly, so much fun. But I was on Mandrake, and life wasn’t that idyllic.

Except I’m not on Mandrake any more. I’m on Ubuntu, based on Debian. And joy of joy, I can now do those insanely easy upgrades. And today I did. Yes, in the space of a day, I discovered the joy of upgrading an operating system, without having to trash everything.

Yes, I’m now running Breezy Badger, and everything works perfectly. This is the way things should be, and no mistake.