BBC and blogs

Published on 6 December 2005 in , , , ,

So BBC News’s first ever proper mainstream blog launched today, as Nick Robinson’s Newslog appeared, cunningly hosted on on

It must be about three years ago when I first heard people wandering around Bush House, muttering “” and getting all excited by the idea. Such as it was at the time, with people walking around saying weird phrases like ““, “”, “” or whatever.

The BBC isn’t a speedy beast at times, and as such, the pioneers are blazing away and the BBC’s jumping on that bandwagon. Yes, it’s late to the party, but who better to help take blogging to the masses?

People may witter away about how the blogosphere is changing all the rules, and whatever, but how many people have actually heard of blogs? I doubt my parents and my sister have, and I’ve even explained the concept to a few people at work before now. It didn’t surprise me at all to see that the very first posts is entitled New to Weblogs?, reprinting an article which recently featured in the BBC News Magazine.

And with the year nearly at an end (you won’t believe how many houses already have christmas lights up near where I live), it has been a pretty busy year at the BBC, with a plethora of initiatives and schemes hitting the servers. The launch of,, The Creative Archive, and even something hosted on that amazing – the BBC Innovation Labs.

But back to blogs, and yeah, the BBC only has one now. But as I wrote back in January this year, it’s still my hope to be one day be able to write work-related blog posts on a nice work project blog, hosted by the BBC. Here’s hoping.