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I write about what?

Published on 29 October 2008 in , ,

When I look at it now, it's hard to believe this blog has been going for over six years, given when I started, I didn't think it would survive beyond a few months. But this blog is a testament to my unnerving ability to rant and moan and complain about things.

Portrayl and Accuracy

Published on 6 August 2007 in , ,

One of the things I try to do on this website when reviewing or commenting on anything, is to give an accurate reflection of an experience at the time I saw it. I don't believe in being nasty, or badly reviewing anything unnecessarily. And yes, I've said a few bad things about certain places before now. Anyone who ever had the chore of reading my comments on Freeserve or GE Money will know that.


Published on 6 May 2006 in , , , ,

In accordance with the the new BBC 'Guidelines on Employees Personal Weblogs and Webspaces', I am hereby informing you that I, Andrew Paul Bowden, have a personal website that includes a weblog.

BBC and blogs

Published on 6 December 2005 in , , , ,

So BBC News's first ever proper mainstream blog launched today, as Nick Robinson's Newslog appeared, cunningly hosted on on

Work and blogging

Published on 12 January 2005 in , , , , ,

On the day that we found out about the first UK blogger to be sacked by his employer (well that we know about anyway) it's fittingly appropiate that the hot topic on part of the BBC's internal message boards was guidelines for BBC staff who blog about work stuff.