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Sometimes I just wonder. Take this question from the MPlayer FAQ:

Q: How can I make a screenshot?

MPlayer FAQ question

It’s actually a question I wanted an answer for. I have a DVD open in Mplayer and I have no idea how to take a screenshot – I can’t see a menu option or keypress anywhere in the interface.

So, what’s the answer then?

A: You have to use a video output driver that does not employ an overlay to be able to take a screenshot. Under X11, -vo x11 will do, under Windows -vo directx:noaccel works.

Yes. Thanks. Very helpful… Amazingly this is the only reference to screenshots in the entire manual. By the looks of it, there isn’t actually a keypress you can make at all. You have to take a snapshot of the whole screen using your OS’s inbuilt functionality, and then crop it down. Hmm.

Thankfully Xine came to the rescue – it has a nice ‘Snapshot’ menu item.