Dapper Dodginess

Published on 19 June 2006 in , , ,

Well since by last post about going to Ubuntu Dapper things have changed.

Arial is no longer being shown in Italics in Mozilla – I suspect that was a font install issue and I re-installed it.

I never got round to sorting out the ATI drivers for my graphics card. I don’t actually need 3D which means the Ubuntu supplied ones are fine.

OpenOffice.org 2 is back. Goodness knows where it went to.

And I haven’t bothered trying my TV card yet.

More importantly, Evolution now crashes every time I exit it, and for some unknown reason, sound hasn’t worked.

The sound issue appears to be widespread and looks like it’s an issue with the version of Alsa installed by Dapper which has issues with certain integrated sound chips – like the one I have. Never versions seem to solve this apparently, but the changes haven’t appeared in Dapper yet which means either install the source, or sit, wait and hope. I haven’t had time to do the former, so the latter is going by default.

All rather annoying really – I confess I’m beginning to wonder if Ubuntu’s shine is getting a little tarnished…