Wired for Sound

Published on 10 January 2007 in , , ,

So here’s the story with getting the sound working again on my new Ubuntu Edgy Eft setup.

  1. Mess around with alsaconf with the hope that everything works. Am denied.
  2. Download various alsa packages, compile and install. Hope everything works. Am denied.
  3. Edit alsa-base package in the hope that everything works. Am denied.
  4. Remove alsa packages with aim of returning to default Ubuntu setup. Accidentally manage to lock myself out of Gnome. Go into KDE. Shudder and wonder how on earth I used to use it. Repair relevant packages and return to Gnome hoping that, against all odds, sound is now working. Am denied.
  5. Re-install various alsa packages, re-comple and install. Reboot. Sit there with the kind of naïve optimism that if I just keep re-installing and compiling, it will mysteriously work.

Which is why, against all odds and all reason, I heard some sound. Which just goes to show that sometimes doing what seems like completely pointless and stupid, does actually work. And I didn’t even have to shout at my PC nor throw shoes at it. Which makes a change.

Now if only my central heating was so easy to fix. Last week it was the pilot light that kept going out. No sooner has that been fixed, and the clock that runs the timer decides to pack in…