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Published on 10 July 2007 in , ,

Tomorrow it’s the end of an era. Ceefax’s Entertainment “Have Your Say” pages are closing. Part of Ceefax’s interactive content will be gone. No more random comments, about stuff, by some people.

Which is a bit of a shame because back in March, I was part of some discussions to bring them to BBCi along with the ever popular Ceefax Letters page. Sadly it was not to be, and BBC News Interactive have decided to close it and spend the money elsewhere in their editorial content.

Much has been in the press recently about budget cuts following the BBC not getting the licence fee settlement it asked for. And that’s no doubt going to mean making some difficult decisions for some people. That’s little consolation for the people who will miss the what’s going though.

And it has to be asked… Will the Ceefax Letters page survive? Only time will tell I guess.

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  • jeffrey arnold says:

    I remember in ye goode olde days when the u.k had miners ,dockers,car workers etc.Then came the strikes.Beware, postmen not to follow the same course.