And they wonder why we don’t like post offices

Published on 15 July 2007 in ,

Last year I successfully managed to order about £200 worth of Norwegian Krone via the Post Office website, and then pick it up at the Post Office branch in the building next door to where I work.

This year I can’t order anything online to pick up anything at the very same branch…

Thankfully I want Euros this year, and you can just walk in and get them from the White City branch, but you have to kinda wonder why you shouldn’t be able to order foreign currency for pick up at any Post Office branch…

And people wonder why the Post Office are losing money, and therefore closing branches all the time…

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  • Movutomu says:

    Buying my holiday money from the Post Office supposes that I am prepared to stand in a queue for thirty minutes to save £20.00.
    Four serving positions of which only one is occupied – the usual situation.
    Finally get to the front to be told that I must present a driving licence with photograph – not my old totally unblemished pink one. Back home to get my passport, find a parking space, and join the queue again.
    No mention of needing any ID when I contract to buy the money on line – only when I scrutinise the emailed receipt does it appear.
    Wonder what happens if I am at some distant town without documentation. What if I need euros to visit the Republic of Ireland via Belfast – might not have a licence nor passport with me.
    Next time will buy at the airport whatever silly adverts the PostOffice waste their money on. My time is more valuable than twenty quid !!