Foie Gras? In the BBC canteen? You’ll be lucky!

Published on 5 November 2007 in , , , ,

Spotted thanks to the BBC News Editoris Blog’s bookmarks is an interesting article about complaints in the BBC staff canteens, in the Sunday Telegraph.

For those of us stuck out in White City, with limited recreational and food related establishments, food is important to us, so it’s not surprising that the quality of the catering is always a hot subject with any team.

However the casual reader of the Sunday Telegraph really might wonder about the state of BBC staff when they read this line:

The files, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, provide an insight into the unique tastes and demands of BBC employees.

For example, foie gras is a regular on menus, despite complaints that it should be removed on ethical grounds.

Sunday Telegraph: Amid job cuts, BBC meals come with whine

Foie gras? On the BBC canteen menu?

You can see it now – hoardes of complaints from indignant licence fee payers claiming BBC staff are out of touch (exept presumably the ones who complain about the foie gras!) and that’s another good reason why the BBC should die, die, die, (etc etc.)

More of a concern to me though is where on earth in the BBC is foie gras served? Because I’ve worked here for nearly eight years and never seen it once!

Generic “pork” pate, yes. Brown mush trying to persuade me it’s cottage pie, yes. Perturbing grey things, covered in dayglow-orange breadcrumbs, served with chips and baked beans, yes. Liver and bacon which is so dry it makes you choke, yes. Foie gras? Hey, I’ll have the options from the menu they’re having thanks! (Just not the foie gras obviously. Cos I’d have to complain…)