The 6th Anatomy of Search Results

Published on 11 November 2007 in , , , , , ,

Also known as “Andrew can’t think of anything to write about, so he cops out and just scours the search logs to see if there’s anything funny in there”.

And yes, these are genuine things that people have searched this web site for… Non-use of capital letters and everything.


I know nothing about it, other than that my mum has gone there (be-dum tish).

list of cheese that comes from frace

Never been to Frace. Don’t know their cheeses. But my sister’s nickname at 6th form college was cheese. So there you go.

first ever train arrives in manchester

Nothing funny to say about this one, but as every railway buff will know, the first ever intercity passenger railway service in the world departed from Liverpool for Manchester on 15 September 1830.

For some reason, I have spent years – until looking it up today – thinking it was the other way round. Some sort of northern city bias coming into play?

Anyway the station in Manchester that the train went to? Liverpool Street. You’ve got to love the person who came up with that one. Rumours that they closed the station in 1844 because of confused passengers are, of course, unfounded.

The train was also pelted by bricks and stones in Manchester, thanks to one of the passengers being Prime Minister, who had played a part in the Peterloo Masacre – one of the nastiest pieces of Manchester’s history, where a peaceful rally of 63,000 people – mostly impoverished workers and their families, was attached by an armed cavalry resulting in 11 deaths and over 600 severe injuries. Their crime? Asking for democracy and reform. And a reminder that our right to vote was, over many years, paid for with the blood and pain of many people.


Nice fried with chips.

teletext news day

Gosh. That sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? I have this image of a loud, booming, dramatic voice overlaid on top of some pompous orchestral sounds, just before a stern looking man with a severe face looks up at the camera shouting “Here is the news!”. Or is that The Day Today? Yes… it is. Oh. Err. Okay.

Actually it turns out it’s a “On this day” kinda thing that Teletext do.

page 239

I don’t know what page Teletext News Day is on, but I plucked out a copy of the first book available to hand, and flicked through to page 239. I would have counted to the 239th word on that page, but couldn’t be bothered – I actually want to get to bed tonight – and went for the 9th word on the 23rd line instead.

Unfortunately there is no 9th word on the 23rd line on page 239 of The Rough Guide to Paris. There’s only eight. However the next line down does have the phrase “Sculpted buttons” on it, which more than makes up for it in my view.

engineering to kingston

“Engineering to Kingston! Engineering to Kingston! Come in Kingston!”

adult movies

Well I don’t quite know why they thought they’d get them here, but my final search term this time is going to be “in sids dogs bods”, which to be honest, seems to be a good enough title for such a movie if you ask me.

And with that, I will say that normal service will be resumed. Somewhere. Just not here.


  • Kirk says:

    Bloody hell, are you allowing comments now? So that comment I just e-mailed to you because I thought “pff, Bods doesn’t have comments, and I’ve just shut down Alpine, so I’ll have to open it up again just to make an observation, what a pain” wasn’t necessary at all.
    I’m not posting it here though.

  • Yep – comments are away, in the amazing Planet Bods Comments Trial.
    Congrats on being the second ever person to comment – the first, depressingly, was comment spam 🙁

  • Kirk says:

    Is the “Planet Bods Comments Trial” like one of the BBCs trials, where I’ll turn up in a few weeks and just see a message saying “We’ve finished this trial now. Go away while we make up our mind whether to bring it back.”

  • Yep. In about three months time, I’m going to fill off the entire site entirely whilst I invite comments from industry stakeholders as to whether I should continue or not!